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Oct 19, 2008 Björn Kleinhenz
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Before the Scandinavian release of "Quietly happy and deep inside" I let 11 good friends make cover/remix versions of the tracks on the album. I am really happy with the way they all turned out. It's very flattering to have someone work so hard on something that means so much to you. Thank you! - Björn Kleinhenz 01. Unikorus - At night we die Good friend Susanna Brandin ( Winter Took His Life ) sings in the philosophical faculty choir in Gothenburg. She was kind enough to write an...
Topics: singer-songwriter, indie, experimental, remix, covers
Oct 11, 2007 Björn Kleinhenz & Winter Took His Life
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Björn Kleinhenz: All songs recorded in Studio Kepner Treg by Per-Ola Eriksson. Additional vocals by Therése Kjellvander. | Winter Took His Life: Oh & Please don't - Recorded by Oskar Erlandsson and Susanna Brandin in Lund, fall 2005. Where I can see the sun - Recorded by Oskar Erlandsson and Susanna Brandin in Brighton, March 2005. Heaven on earth - Recorded by Broch Stilley in Boston, August 2004. WTHL would like to thank Broch and Oskar...
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Topics: singer/songwriter, melancholy, indie, pop
Oct 2, 2005 Pacta Sunt Servanda
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Five tracks of ambient drone. The sounds you hear are created from various sources such as piano, guitar (acoustic and electric), amps, pedals and effects, bells, tape recorders, mouth, field recordings, software effects and synths, computers... and so on...
Topics: Drone, Ambient
Source: Pacta Sunt Servanda
Jan 13, 2005 Bjorn Kleinhenz and Pete Thompson
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Swedish singer/songwriter Bjorn Kleinhenz and pal Pete Thompson team up for an EP of stripped down tunes.
Topics: Singer-Songwriter, Indie-Pop
Source: Bjorn Kleinhenz and Pete Thompson